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Selecting a Videographer

Ask the right questions

What to ask when looking for the right videographer to capture your special event.

ask for references

look to see a sample of their work

what will you receive as a final product

who will be shooting my Wedding & can I meet/or speak with them?

what's their level of experience

How many cameras, microphones & where will they be located

Can they work with limitations such as low lighting venue, camera restrictions, or religious restrictions

can I keep the raw unedited footage

will they allow other people to film while they do their work

will they provide a contract, and cancellation policy

will backup equipment be provided

In the event they are unable to fulfill the agreement, will they provide help in finding a replacement videographer.

Do you feel comfortable with their personality to fit in with your family and friends

Ask if they smoke or drink during your wedding

At my wedding, My photographer was blowing smoke in my face while working..

Hopefully, this info helps you hire a pro who will deliver results, and not even know their doing it!

PS Cinema cameras are the best....

Cinema cameras are designed primarily around shooting video first, with a high degree of control over the picture.

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