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How to plan a Wedding during Covid

Planning a Wedding is hard enough but during these tines with Covid.... planning has gotten near impossible. Fear not, you can still have your Wedding day!

Here are some helpful tips to allow you to get it planned.

Don't panic... hiring a wedding planner will get you help in this ordeal

Make sure your chosen vendors will work with you. Some vendors will not charge you for postponements, or cancellations. they should be understanding of the present covid situation and not fault you.

Book your favorite vendor now. Many photographers, caterers, florists are available now for 2021 Weddings.

Many Wedding dresses are made in China and with covid delays-buying your dress or suit might e tough getting. Tip: buying a dress or suit off the rack and getting it tailored is a good work around. Many wedding dresses can be purchased on-line, and altered at your favorite seamstress.

Anticipate guest cancellations. Many people will not attend due to social distancing, or travel restrictions. Plan having a smaller Wedding with the option of having a larger party reception later in time when more family/friends will attend.

Elope. May not sound like what you want-however you will be legally married, and can plan for a formal wedding after the pandemic. Many places like Las Vegas are viable options, as well as your court house.

2020 has been a rough year for getting married. There are work arounds.

Here's some good tips!

A tail gate Wedding!

Have a back-yard Wedding!

Rent a location that offers outside receptions with Covid safe practices already in place

Bring in a mobile caterer to your chosen location. These caterers are equipped to operate without any electricity or gas access.

Zoom your wedding! Have a large your Wedding! For the people who can't attend-they can see you get married via facebook live Skype,, or zoom. I would be happy to zoom your Wedding! Feel free to message me!

Be creative..... It will work wonders!

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