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How to choose a wedding photographer

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Here's some helpful guides in helping you choose your wedding photographer.

Create a candidate shortlist after browsing on-line portfolios. Just like fashion or nature photographers, wedding photographers have their own style.

meet your photographer face to face (if possible), or speak to them personally.

See that your personalities match.

Don't just communicate on-line.

See if your a good fit, and see that they can deliver what you expect on-time, without hitches.

Dependability and experience go along way in choosing your photographers ability to capture the most priceless moments from your wedding day

Review your photographers website and blogs to check out photos. The design of the

website may also have clues about the photographers personality & sensibility.

Check out their facebook page, instagram, or twitter page if they have one.

Look for positive feedback.... and ask for references from previous clients.

See a full wedding album to see how the pictures are edited, and displayed.

Look at different wedding albums to see if there's certain book you'd like to have.

Don't get locked into what they offer.... it's your wedding album.

See that you can get what you want,... good photographers use many different album options to order what you like.

Does your photographer have a critical eye for detail. Look for crispness of images,

thoughtful compositions, peoples emotions, and smiling faces!

Don't let your photographer own the rights to your photographs.

You're hiring the photographer to produce images for you.

Your pictures are for you to use how you deem fit without further compensation

or permission

You can give your photographer permission to your images for promotion on their website, or print etc...

This release should be written clearly in your contract.

It usually takes at least a month to get all those photo proofs back from your

photographer. Editing takes time and can take up to 6 to 8 weeks depending how

busy the photographer is. It's a good idea to get in writing how long the turnaround time will be.

You won't be able to nail down an exact dollar amount until you're sure of

what you want, how many albums you want and where your photographer is

based, and packages range from $1,000 all the way up to $15,000+

higher end of the spectrum. When interviewing candidates, ask for a general

range based on the photographer's standard "shooting fee" and package, plus

their standard rates for the type of album you think you'll want and the

amount of coverage you're hoping to book them for (day of, full weekend). It's

important to find out what's included in the standard package, plus the basic

range for any extras you may want, like an engagement shoot, or additional

coverage.... starting out at the bride's home getting ready.

exactly how many hours of coverage are included. Ideally, you want your

photographer to be there for your full wedding day—from when you start

getting ready until after you make your grand exit from the reception. While

packages vary, most include about 6 to 10 hours to cover everything

It's usually better to pay for more coverage up front then later on at the reception.

Know what your photographers overtime rate is before your wedding,

Payments can be made in 3rds...first...downpayment, 2nd...prior to wedding, or proceeding wedding, and 3rd... final payment after all products have been delivered and approved.

Also, check if there's a second shooter included in the package, and if there's

not, ask about the possibility of adding one or two.

Having more photographers makes your wedding move faster, and gives you the

advantage of more picture choices

One photographer can be doing photojournalism pictures. while the other is doing formal


This had been provided by Elliott Mann having over 38 years of professional wedding photography/video experience.

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